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Master Post of Fanfic Recommendation - Supernatural

Here's the master post to all the Supernatural Destiel rec posts I have. These rec lists were born out of my necessity to tidy up my favorites. So this is me trying to organize things. Meanwhile, you guys get yourselves some Fanfiction Recommendation. Awesome, right? Right.

Recs - Canon (and Canon AU) | Recs - Croatoan/End verse AU | Recs - Non supernatural world AU | Recs - Miscellaneous AU  | Recs - Real Person Fanfiction

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Alice in Wonderland, Disney

Real Person Fanfiction - Fandom: Supernatural

This post will be updated and edited frequently. This recommendation list is alphabetical order. The rating and other informations, such as warnings, can be found on the fanfiction link, read at your own risk.

[*] Personal favorites
Last updated January 4, 2016

Absence From Those We Love by _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles
Summary: Jensen Ackles led a great life. It just wasn’t the one he planned on. Now he’s newly single, stuck at a job he hates, and sharing an apartment with his lovably psychotic best friend. When he’s given the chance to go back and do it all over again, he leaps at it. Only he soon comes to realize that no matter what’s in front of him, it’s impossible to leave the past behind. Considering what he’d be giving up, he might not even want to (‘17 Again’, J2 style)
Lenght: ~41000 Words

* Angel Slayer by emwebb17 (Archive of Our Own)
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Misha Collins
Summary: FBI Special Agent Jensen Ackles tracked a serial killer dubbed the Angel Slayer for six months in Washington, DC—the murderer was vicious, depraved, carved the names of angels into the victims’ chests…and eluded capture. Over eight years later, a murder in small Elton, NH has too many similarities for Jensen to ignore. Paired with a green agent, Jared Padalecki, Jensen travels to Elton to solve the case that has been haunting him for nearly a decade. In the course of the investigation the agents come across a local police officer named Misha Collins—who may have a deadly connection to the Angel Slayer.
138,651 Words

Bedtime Stories by chocolate_muse
Pairing: Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles
Summary: This is the story of the rest of your life. Listen.
Lenght: ~1900 Words

Of love and other political affairs by the-castled-king (Archive of Our Own)
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Misha Collins
Summary: U.S. Senator Misha Collins is knee deep in campaigning to be the next President of the United States when he gets a new personal assistant named Jensen Ackles, who quickly turns the entire campaign on its head.
Length: 39312 Words

Open Heart Dentistry by kasmodia
Pairing: Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles
Summary: When closeted army dentist Jensen Ackles returns home to fill in for his sick father, he has a bad start due to his lacking bedside manner and overall misanthropic attitude. Sexy new patient Jared Padalecki looks like a wet dream come true to Jensen – until he finds out Jared’s a whiny assed crybaby. (Or, as hippie nurse!Misha calls it: a patient suffering from extreme dental anxiety). Their mutual sexual attraction is strong but will they manage to get over their differences?
Lenght: ~25000 Words

* Reconciling Hollywood by qthelights
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Misha Collins
Summary: Misha has always prided himself on his mastery of the first impression - both giving and receiving. After all, people are easy enough to read if examined through the appropriate lens. For the last two years he's stuck to his guns and his assumption that Jensen is just a good guy who made a dick mistake back when he thought Misha was disposable. Pushed him up against a trailer door and took because he could. But now, with Jared overseas with his new bride, Jensen around more than ever, and a decision weighing heavy on his conscience, Misha realizes that truly knowing Jensen might be nearly as impossible as knowing himself.
Lenght: ~32000 Words

Trading all the wasted times by _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared Padalecki / Misha Collins
Summary: Jared Padalecki could easily categorize his life by movie genre. His teen years were the offbeat comedy that found him floundering through a gay crisis and crushing on his straight best friend, followed by the indie drama that started with said friend moving away after graduation. His ensuing existential crisis culminated in him dropping out of college and moving out to L.A. on a whim. He wasn’t expecting to cross paths with Jensen again, but that’s what sends his life veering into romantic comedy territory. Because it’s not Jensen that he wants anymore. It’s Misha, Jensen’s eccentric and gorgeous yoga instructor roommate, that just might end up being Jared’s happy ending
Lenght: ~36000 Words

* Worse than being blind by clockiesfic
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Misha Collins
Summary: To cope with the directing on the set of Stonehenge Apocalypse, Misha and his new best friend Hill, spend their nights drinking and trying to forget the fact that they’re on a ridiculous scifi B-Movie. It helps when the director yells that they should all have more intensity in the morning. And then, one night, Torri invites herself to their nightly drinking and Misha does not know that this has bad life plan written all over it because Torri can drink everyone under the table. Now Misha has to deal with an earnest and freaked out Jensen who flies to the set because he wants to talk about “the message” (complete with air quotes) that Misha left on his cell phone. Add a new cast that has made it their mission to make Misha as embarrassed as possible and Jared, who never met an innuendo that he didn’t like, and Misha wonders how his life ever got here. Oh, and they do still have a movie to film.

Lenght: 22162 Words
Alice in Wonderland, Disney

Miscellaneous Alternative Universes - Fandom: Supernatural

This post will be updated and edited frequently. This recommendation list is alphabetical order. The rating and other informations, such as warnings, can be found on the fanfiction link.

[*] Personal favorites
Last updated January 4, 2016

Actus Fidei by manic_intent (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: On the very first time that Castiel manifests in front of Father Dean Winchester, he gets as far as "Rejoice, for you are blessed-" before Dean shoots him with a salt-loaded shotgun.
Length: 5647 Words

A Fine Line by cloudyjenn
Summary: There's a difference between rivalry and obsession, but when it comes to Castiel Padalecki, Dean forgets that entirely. 
Lenght: ~8100 Words

* Angelhawk by almaasi
Summary: A Dean/Cas Fantasy-Drama AU, set in a medieval world where two men are separated by a curse: every sunrise and sunset, both are eternally bound to transform into animals. Every night when darkness falls, Dean Winchester becomes a wolf, and his human mind is lost until the dawn. As the sun rises, his lover Castiel becomes a hawk. Their story has been the same for five years - until the day that a young thief named Sam stumbles into their twisted lives. Without even realising it, he becomes a part of their destiny, their paths entwined in prophecy and fate. Together with a few old friends, they set off on a journey to break the curse, but it won’t be easy. To pass the time, Dean and Castiel take turns to recount their past to Sam, narrating the tale of how they met, how they formed their profound bond, and how they found themselves wanting what no man should ever want: the touch of another man.
‘Angelhawke’ is a saga of forbidden love, friendship, and magic - but above all, family.
Partially based on the 1985 movie ‘Ladyhawke’.
Length: 418,000 Words

* Convenient Husbands by Annie D (Archive of Our Own)
"It's only temporary, right?" Dean says. "Just until you're healed up, and then we'll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?"
Length: 39268 Words

For Me This is Heaven by thunder_nari
Summary: AU based off How to Train Your Dragon. Cansae is a town nestled in the foothills of the mountains, surrounded by rivers, trees and ravines. A picturesque place to settle, there’s only one major problem. Angels. In cities all across these lands, angels harvest the souls of humans and the cities have bound their efforts together to create an elite army of hunters. Men and women trained specifically in the killing of angels and the protection of the civilians. Each year, any citizen of the age twenty-one can sign up for the training. This year the training takes place in the city of Cansae and Dean Winchester is determined to be the best, for the glory of the reward of killing his first angel before the city and before his father.
Lenght: ~30000 Words

Humanity Service by the_ninth_bow
Summary:  On a mission for Cupid, Castiel finds locating Sam’s soul mate more difficult than he anticipated.  Lucky for him, Dean Winchester is more than happy to help and Castiel learns more than he expected.
Lenght: ~16,500 Words

I Got Soul But I’m Not a Soldier by starandrea (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: Castiel is on the road (saving people, helping things) when he meets Dean and realizes that his soul is different - and not just because he’s the pastor’s son.
Lenght: 100013 Words

* In the Angel’s Garden by ikira
Summary: Inspired by this beautiful piece of fanart. Castiel has been trapped by an evil curse for centuries, with no hope for freedom until the day Prince Dean stumbled into his life. But how can he be saved when Dean doesn’t even know that he’s in need of rescue?
Lenght: 10009 Words

Kiss you when it’s dangerous by zoemathemata
Summary: When his partner Uriel, betrays him, Federal Agent Castiel Novak is saved from becoming a ritual sacrifice by brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. Discovering the world of the supernatural and learning about werewolves, wendigoes, vampires and things that go bump in the night also leads to learning more about Dean and the strange life he and his brother lead. The more he learns, the more Castiel finds himself drawn into Dean’s world and toward Dean himself. Until Uriel wants to complete the ritual he started.
Length: ~58000 Words

That’s how you know he's your love by janie_tangerine
Summary: Enchanted fusion wherein Castiel falls from Heaven into New York City because of evil king Lucifer, Dean is the cynical single father divorce attorney whose life changes when they meet, Sam is a prince who is definitely intent on finding his beloved who was stolen from him, and Gabriel, even if he's a chipmunk, is definitely the sanest of the bunch.
Length: ~ 30000 Words

* Turning a Blind Eye by gedry
Summary: For swing_set13 who wanted a superhero story with Cas as a mild mannered reporter working with Dean only to find out they are both superheroes who don’t really get a long until they do.
Lenght: Author didn’t inform lenght (10 chapters long + ficlet)
Alice in Wonderland, Disney

Alternative Universe (Non supernatural world) - Fandom: Supernatural

This post will be updated and edited frequently. This recommendation list is in alphabetical order, the pairing is Dean/Castiel (Destiel). The rating and other informations, such as warnings, can be found on the fanfiction link.
[*] Personal favorites
Last updated January 04, 2016

* 12 Steps by gedry
Summary: The 12 Steps tell you to keep it simple, but Dean Winchester has never been good at keeping anything simple.So, with the help and support of the core people in his life he’s giving sobriety his best shot, which even on a good day is a struggle.But as he works at it he makes progress and starts to rediscover himself, and maybe find love with the new guy next door.
Lenght: 33032 Words

* 300 Things by cautionzombies
Summary: Dean’s life at twenty-four makes him feel like he’s forty—he works two jobs to help pay bills for his house and put his genius little brother through private school, and has spent six years (on and off, let’s be honest) working on his mechanical engineering degree at KU. With so much of his life devoted to his family, Dean has little time in his schedule for class and no time for social interaction. Then, while getting his classes together for the fall, he finds himself in a do-or-die situation: He must take his last literature class now, his spring already filled with those left for his major…except that none of the English classes will fit his schedule. This is how Dean grovels and begs Dr. Castiel Milton to make a special arrangement for him, and Dr. Milton does.
Lenght: ~76500 Words

* A Brief Glimpse by cloudyjenn
Summary: Castiel is utterly convinced he can't love anyone, but Sam, so when a strange occurrence at a carnival shows him otherwise, he doesn't know what to do.
Lenght: ~12,000 Words

* A Clever Suggestion by Annie D (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: Castiel and Victor share a gym, and Castiel is surprised when Victor tries to set him up.
Length: 2168 Words

And anywhere I lay my head I'll call it home by janie_tangerine
Summary: Wherein Dean is driving to California but gets sidetracked, and Castiel plays Tom Waits songs in the middle of nowhere.
Length: ~13100 Words

Ain't no Nilo wide enough by drsexy_md
Summary: Castiel, an archaeologist at a museum, is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he is chosen to be part of an archaeological dig in Egypt that could last up to five years. The only problem? Choosing between fulfilling a lifelong dream, or Dean, grade school teacher and Castiel’s partner of six years.
Length: 5457 Words

* An exercise in worthless by beastofthesky (Archive of Our Own)
"I mean, you’re–” He gestures at Cas, in his neat oxford shirt and nice pants. “–and I’m a high school dropout who tattoos for a living.” Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel's cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe's cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam's university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma's coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That's just logic.
Length: 26547 Words

Dean Winchester, Straight Shooter by triedunture
Summary: Dean Winchester, star of, is a gay-for-pay porn star with a huge following. Cas Novak signs on to do a scene with him, even though he dislikes "straight" porn stars on principle. But Dean is more complicated than he first appears, and after inadvertently learning his secrets, Cas finds himself falling for him.
Lenght: ~16000 Words

Don’t ask, don’t tell by wolfrider89
Summary: Sergeant Dean Winchester expects to hate whatever journalist they assigned to his team. Castiel Adams expects to hate the three weeks spent around nothing but military people. It goes nothing like they thought it would, and they find themselves growing closer by the minute. But will misunderstandings and fear break them apart?
Lenght: ~31600 Words

* Faith and Deeds by teh_helenables
Summary: The Miltons own a haphazard produce store, and Mary Winchester is their most frequent customer.
Length: 6646 Words

Football is for lovers by moushkas
Summary: Castiel hates sports, but he’s in love with Dean so he could deal with it for a little while.
Length: ~7300 Words

Game Theory by cassyl
Summary: Dean decides it’s high time he put the moves on the hot nerdy dude who keeps coming into the Roadhouse.
Length: 3232 Words

I Like You (Like Me) by carmexgirl (Archive of Our Own)
Dean’s the owner of his own pretty successful coffee shop, and he’s absolutely, totally not in love with the hot accountant guy who comes in every day. He’s way out of his league. Isn’t he?
Length: 11195 Words

In Real Life by cloudyjenn
Summary: Castiel is the English teacher at the school Sam teaches history at. Dean is a writer who has been sending his stories to an online friend (Castiel) for editing. Sam finds out and realizes that Dean and Castiel don't know each other in real life, but really should.
Lenght: 6896 Words

Inevitable Homoeroticism is Romantic Spanish Heroes by prosopopeya (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: Dean is a grad student studying for his MA in Spanish literature, and he’s pretty content with his sexuality as it is -- that is, fairly undefined and also secret. His attraction to Castiel, a professor to the undergrads, doesn't seem like a big deal until it becomes a very big deal, and Dean scrambles to keep his head above water.
Length: 41701 Words

* Kite Songs by ladytelemachus
Summary: In which Cas seeks internet notoriety with his controversial views on the latest darling of American fiction, and stumbles across something else entirely.
Length: ~9100 Words

Letting in the light by carmexgirl
Summary: After barely scraping through the first semester at Kansas U, Dean’s determined to change his attitude and try harder, starting with the relationship he has with his elusive roommate Castiel.
Lenght: 12700 Words

Long nights in cold months by pyrebi
Summary: When you're an insomniac, you get used to the "what the hell are you doing up, man?" look. Dean just hopes the guy who's stocking the shelves will stop giving it to him long enough to help him find some damn pineapple.
Length: 2200 Words

Much Ado by cloudyjenn
Summary: A one-night stand, a blind date and a meddling friend. 
Length: ~3500 Words

* Much More Than a Hunch by gedry
Summary: For lillyg who wanted FLUFF and got a daycare verse instead.
Lenght: Author didn’t inform lenght (30 chapters long)

* Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake by sparseparsley
Summary: The good ones are sometimes assholes and always taken.
Lenght: ~ 31000 Words

* Play it All Night Long by janie_tangerine
Summary: The rom-com-ish one where Dean hosts a late night radio show, Castiel is a regular listener of his who starts calling one day and ends up calling more often than not and Dean finds himself liking it. This, until one day Castiel calls for not exactly petty reasons (just before Dean’s brother Sam is visiting with his girlfriend for spring break) and things get very, very crowdy at his place. He also doesn’t know it’s just the beginning of it. Also features Gabriel, Chuck, Andy, the Roadhouse crew and a huge amount of music quoted. Especially Bob Dylan.
Lenght: ~43000 Words

Put on your dancing shoes by dessert_first
Summary: Dean needs a favor, Castiel is the ideal fake boyfriend, and the Winchester/Campbell clan... helps.
Lenght: 5686 Words

Start quoting Shakespeare and we’re done by oatmeal_queen
Summary: In which Dean has the hots for a librarian named Cas, Cas may or may not have the hots for a mechanic named Dean, and Gabriel joins Sam in the peanut gallery in the hopes that he might just get to do a horizontal tango of his own.
Lenght: ~15000 Words

Suburban Wars by squeemonster (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: Moving to Lawrence with his family is the most significant event of Dean Winchester's life. It brings a stability he's never known, and the only thing to have more of a profound impact on him is Castiel Novak: the two boys become fast friends the day they meet. But as Dean grows older, he dreams for something beyond the monotony and constraints of suburbia, and he is haunted by the inexplicable feeling that he was born for something more than what this life offers. As he struggles to reconcile the person he yearns to be with what his family and friends expect of him, a fateful choice exposes just how fragile his life in the suburbs is, and possibly risks losing the best friend he's ever had.
Lenght: 104,885 Words

The Emily Brontë book club by janie_tangerine
Summary: college AU wherein Dean hates his English literature assignment, Castiel is the only one in his class agreeing with him, both like Emily Brontë a lot better than Jane Austen and that's totally a good enough reason to help each other out
Length: 8200 Words

The Prank That Filled the Spank Bank by bookkbaby
Summary: Based off of this prompt on Tumblr. It starts with a prank war and a chance meeting at the auto shop Dean works at.
Lenght: ~41000 Words

* The Precision of the Fall by behindblue_eyes
Summary: They used to be called The Family Winchester. People came from miles around to see their act, knowing their names and faces before the circus even rolled into town. Life was shiny with salt and sawdust, sequins and smiles. Now, all that was left were a few crumpled posters, an empty bunk next to Dean's, and the leather-gripped knives hidden in the trick pockets of his vest.
Length: 36850 Words

Things I should have known by wolfrider89
Summary: (Mr & Mrs Smith AU) Castiel Novak has managed to keep his personal life with Dean Smith separate from his professional life as a secret agent for three years. He expected to continue living a series of detestable but necessary lies cloaked in precarious alibis for the rest of his life, and then his new assignment threatened to throw all of that out the window: Kill Dean Winchester.
Lenght: 20000 Words

While you were sleeping by Ockermuller (
Summary: Castiel pretends to be engaged to an unconscious Sam Winchester after saving his life but can't fool his brother, Dean.
Lenght: 17983 Words

Alice in Wonderland, Disney

Canon and Canon-based Alternative Universes - Fandom: Supernatural

This post will be updated and edited frequently. This recommendation list is alphabetical order. The rating and other informations, such as warnings, can be found on the fanfiction link, read at your own risk.
[*] Personal favorites
] New additions - Last updated on December 20, 2013.

* Absolution by wolfling & omphalos
Summary: Against his better judgement, Castiel offers Dean a way to save Sam
Lenght: ~106000 Words

Accidental Gift by AlchemyAlice (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: The problem with angel swords was that humans knew fuck-all about them. Worse, the angels were no better. Meanwhile, some post-apocalyptic cracks in the fabric of reality needed mending.
Lenght: 14401 Words

Accidentally in Love by silver_lametta
Summary: What’s the secret of the spooky old mansion that makes people fall in love?
Lenght: 9589 Words

Across The Universe by weirdwednesday
Summary: After Sam is gone, Dean drives around without a purpose or destination. Castiel follows and finds out firsthand what both human grief and human desire feel like.
Lenght: 8314 Words

! Actus Fidei by manic_intent (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: On the very first time that Castiel manifests in front of Father Dean Winchester, he gets as far as "Rejoice, for you are blessed-" before Dean shoots him with a salt-loaded shotgun.
Length: 5647 Words

Anything Worth Dying For by waldorph (Archive of Our Own)
It's the apocalypse, and this is the Book of Chuck.
Length: 30250 Words

* Burning the Days by district_4
Summary: When Dean and Cas show up in time to prevent Lilith's death, Team Free Will are all set to settle back into a life of saving people and hunting things - but nothing's perfect. Dean's a jerk who can't keep it in his pants; Cas feels there's plenty of room in his for the both of them. Sam's sure you can't be fuckbuddies with an angel and he's going to prove it - just as soon as he finishes scouring his eyeballs with soap.
But when Cas becomes Heaven's Most Wanted and the cops figure out the boys aren't as dead as they should be, Dean and Cas may prove to be both more and less obtuse than expected.

Lenght: ~25,000 Words

Dean Winchester's No Good, Very Bad Week and How it Actually Turns Out to Be Pretty Awesome, in the End by moonlettuce
Summary: In which Dean's life becomes the plot to a rom-com...
Length: 2867 Words

Doghouse Roses by janie_tangerine
Summary:And it just says everything that, in order to act instead of speaking, Dean doesn’t just buy Cas a drink but buys him fake roses that aren’t even worth a dollar.”
Length: 5600 Words

Face to Face with the Skies by quiddative
Summary: (Set right after 4.22) Castiel was not killed by Raphael on the night of Lucifer’s release. Instead, he’s sent to the year 1996 and encounters the Winchesters. Unable to return to the present, Castiel resigns himself to traveling with them on their hunts across the states. Meanwhile in the year 2008, Dean has barely gotten used to being back in the land of the living when he gets the biggest shock of his life; the man he fell in love with when he was eighteen has seemingly come back from the grave as well, claiming to be an angel of the Lord. The thing is, he doesn’t have a clue who Dean is.
Lenght: ~40000 Words

Four Times Dean Winchester Did A Very Poor Job Of Hiding His Feelings, And One He Didn’t by janie_tangerine
Summary: What the title says.
Length: 7500 Words

Getting Lucky In Kentucky by cloudyjenn
Summary: Wherein sleeping arrangements are awkward, Sam teaches Castiel to masturbate and Dean finds out what to do with your angel when he’s not really an angel anymore.
Length: 11680 Words

How to date an angel in 12 easy steps by fourthduckling (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: It's not that hard to date an angel. All Dean has to do is fight off hordes of vampires, research gay porn, get sucked into a crappy Narnia, endure Sam's comments, creep out on Dr. Sexy, get harassed -- oh, and that's right-- figure out he's into Cas. Easy, right?
Length: 23590 Words

How to Romance a Human by cloudyjenn
Summary: Castiel consults Cosmopolitan magazine in order to win Dean's heart.
Length: 4433 Words

How to Take Care of Angels and Little Animals by remivel
Summary: Gabriel is tired of having to listen to Castiel's woes about the Winchesters, so he decides to take matters into his own hands... and turns Castiel into a furry pet for the Winchesters to take care of.
Lenght: 21416 Words

Hummingbirds by strangenessandcharm (Dreamwidth)
Summary: Castiel is rendered mute after being taught a painful lesson, but that enables Dean to learn a few lessons of his own while holding onto something important for him. Elsewhere, someone really loves to count...
Length: 23700 Words

* I Through My Window See by dehavilland
Summary: AU in which Castiel remains human after the apocalypse is successfully averted by Sam and Dean. The Winchesters get him set up in an apartment in Sioux Falls and then promptly leave him there, hoping he’ll start a new, normal, human life. Castiel, thinking the reason for this abandonment is his newfound mortality, comes to terms with being human in an effort to prove he has the strength to fight at their side. Dean’s more than a little surprised to come back and find the angel he once thought he knew bussing tables by day and hunting ghosts at night.
Lenght: 26,133 Words

It’s a badass afterlife by janie_tangerine
Summary: The one where when the new boss in Heaven walks inside Ash's bar with plans. Reunions happen, matchmaking happens, hacking angel radio happens and it's generally an awesome afterlife, all things considered.
Length: 6177 Words

Kissing it Bitter by strangenessandcharm (Dreamwidth)
Summary: Castiel is afflicted, and Dean has a very difficult choice to make
Length: 14300 Words
(This is the first part on a Trilogy, other fics are:
Third Time’s the Charm and Hero Worship)

* Named by mclachland
Summary: Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn't the worst part of Dean's week.
Lenght: 95000 Words

Not Usually a Good Thing by cloudyjenn
Summary: Five ways Castiel made Dean feel.
Length: 10551 Words

Nowhere Man by strangenessandcharm (Dreamwidth)
Summary: Sam discovers he has a lot to learn about himself – but not as much as he has to learn about his brother. Meanwhile, an angel gets whumped.
Lenght: 7600 Words

Only Fools Rush In by baka_sensei
Summary: Cas lets his feelings run away with him, Gabe is a total dick, Sam is concerned, and Dean has to make a choice. (Answer to the prompt: Dean does something and in angelic tradition that means he's become Castiel's fiancé. Dean doesn't know if he wants to get married, but he doesn't want to let Castiel down either.)
Length: 18161 Words

Our Bodies, Possessed By Light by obstinatrix
Summary: Purged of all his souls, Castiel is a changed being, stronger than an angel and too powerful for Jimmy’s body to contain. Happily, there’s an archangel’s vessel on hand, and he could use fixing, too. Dean isn’t too happy about the idea of his brother acting as a vessel for Castiel, and Sam can guess why, but it isn’t until Castiel gets inside his head and they learn to share the vessel — and their thoughts — that Sam realises Cas is as in love with Dean as Dean is with him. It’s unfortunate that there’s nothing much to be done about it now, but Castiel will get another vessel soon. The Winchesters will make damn sure of that. In the meantime, it’s up to the three of them to establish their own strange accord, and Dean realises more fully than ever that it’s Castiel, and not his vessel, that he loves.
Lenght: ~42,000 Words

* Return to Sender Unknown by gedry
Summary: Castiel falls; becoming human.  He’s taken in by Bobby and the Winchester brothers.  As his feelings change for Dean he discovers that the path to love isn’t always easy and that sometimes distance really does make the heart grow fonder. 
Length: 9433 Words

Second Childhood by cloudyjenn
Summary: "Dude, I can't do this whole thing by myself," Dean said with far more desperation leaking into his tone than he liked. It would just be too much to make it through hell and death and Lucifer only to have Castiel bail on him because of a frigging baby.
Length: 16359 Words

Sing and I will hear you by oatmeal_queen
Summary: Dean always thought of himself as more of a dog-man…kittens were for girls.
Lenght: 30570 Words

So here’s the bright end of Nowhere by sullymygoodname
Summary: Looking back it seemed so simple, but having done it I couldn’t say. Dean is is happy, Cas is hungover, Sam reflects. And there are pancakes
Lenght: 1350 Words

* Tales from the Bunker of Domesticity by teaandjumpers (Archive of Our Own)
Summary: Moments of domesticity between Dean and Cas (and occasionally Sam) in the Men of Letters bunker. Essentially, this is a story about the boys building a home together.
Length: 17086 Words

! Taste of Eden by sarkywoman
Summary: When Castiel leaves Dean to pursue his goals in Heaven, the hunter is devastated. Sam's new girlfriend has the answer - Eden, the supernatural wonder-drug, made with angel grace to give that warm, fuzzy feeling that Dean's missing so much. But with Bobby and Gabriel getting suspicious and Crowley starting to show an interest in Dean's activities, can Dean really continue thinking he has his emotions and his new habit under control?
Length: 28,550 Words

* The Day The World Went Away by pyjamagurl
Summary: After being reunited with Sam and leaving Lisa, Dean is finding that adjusting back into the hunting lifestyle is harder than he thought it would be. When a particular hunt goes badly, he gets knocked out, only to awaken five years in the future. Things are definitely different; Castiel is a hunter, Sam is married andthingsbetween Dean and Castiel have gone somewhere Dean really hadn’t expected. And somewhere in all of this there is a lesson to be learned.
Lenght: 59658 Words

The Girlfriend Experience by rageprufrock (Archive of Our Own)
While it's not like Dean hasn't had a couple of truly regrettable hit-and-runs in his sexual history, this is probably the saddest fucking thing that has ever happened to him.
Length: 15393 Words

! The Law of Conservation of Energy by peroxide_fic
Summary: The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one state into another. And what is grace, if not energy? In order to win the war in Heaven, Castiel and the Winchesters embark on a cross-country quest to find the scattered shards of Gabriel’s grace in the hopes that its remaining power will be enough to defeat Raphael before he and Crowley can open the door to Purgatory. Length: 90,030 Words

This is not convenient by cloudyjenn
Summary: If Castiel doesn't find a mate soon, the council will assign him one. And Dean's not about to let that happen.
Length: 11330 Words

* The Mirror by cloudyjenn
Summary: When Dean touches a strange mirror, he's whisked away to one alternate reality after another and it doesn't take him long to realize the universe is trying to tell him something.
Length: ~24500 Words

* Tripping by hatteress
Summary: What do you do when the Universe itself seems to have decided you belong with your very stoic, very angelic, very MALE hunting companion?
Dean’s about to find out.
Lenght: ~45000 Words
(This is the first history in a verse, called the 'Tripping Verse', which can be found here)

* Unsuffer Me by janie_tangerine
Summary: "After the end of the world I just wanted to rest and chill out, not to re-build my life from scratch around the fact that I can’t hear shit and that I look like the fucking phantom of the Opera."
Lenght: 22000 Words

Where the world begins by the_ninth_bow
Summary: In the aftermath of a battle against demons, Castiel rescues an orphan girl, who then forms an attachment to the fallen angel.  Dean and Castiel take her into their care, traveling highways and back roads, killing as many demons as they can, while Sam searches for an alternate way to defeat Lucifer.  Amidst trying to end the Apocalypse, Dean finds his life a strange combination of broken, crumbling cities and a half-domestic life on the road.  In the quiet moments they make for themselves among the chaos, Dean and Castiel become closer not only to each other but to their ward, and Dean finds his life taking a turn in a direction he never thought it’d have a chance to take.
Lenght: ~49300 Words